What is Property Management ?

Property management service is a comprehensive real estate solution that involves the renting and ongoing management of the tenancy for residential or commercial properties on behalf of property owners or landlords. This service encompasses a range of tasks to ensure a smooth and efficient renting process for both property owners and tenants. In essence, property management service acts as a full-service intermediary between property owners and tenants, handling every aspect of the rental process to make it hassle-free and efficient for all parties involved. This comprehensive approach allows property owners to focus on their investment strategy while ensuring that tenants have a positive and well-managed living experience.

Property Management service

- With RIGHT-STEP Property Mnagement-

a breakdown of the property management services and a breif explanation of each task.

Conduct And Supply A Market Valuation Report

An in-person valuation of your property shall be conducted by your local property expert. We shall have a look around the property, take quick measurements then sit down with you to explain the valuation of your property and our services. Once completed we shall issue you with a detailed valuation report.

Provide Guidance On Compliance With Statutory Provisions And Letting Consents

We shall outline the relevant health and safety legislation, guidance, compliance and letting consents you will need to adhere to as a landlord in order to let your property.

Advise On Refurbishment Requirements

In line with legislation and through our experience, we shall advise you on any required works that need to be undertaken before a property can be rented and how to best present your property to attract the right tenants.

Creating Marketing Materials

Our professional property imagery is carried out by using professional photography equipment, effective lighting, positioning, editing software and using our experience and knowledge collated over the years. A floorplan will be created of your property, this is a visual representation of the layout and scale of a property, showing a view from above, of the relationships between rooms, spaces, traffic patterns, and other physical features at one level of a structure. Floor plans are a fundamental piece of your property marketing.

Advertising And Market Of The Property Inc All Major Property Portals

As the majority of tenants begin their initial home search via the internet, it is essential that we are able to reach them as quickly as possible with the highest quality presentation of your property via our extensive website coverage which includes our own state of the art website easily accessible via all types of devices.

-Pre-Qualify All Prospective Tenant(S)

We will ensure any interested applicant goes through a pre-qualification process to highlight their current circumstance, asking the relevant question regarding their financial circumstance in order to make a tentative assessment of their ability to rent, this step is key to avoid any unnecessary actions that do not produce a benefit to the landlord.

Accompanied Viewings

We conduct accompanied viewings therefore giving every property and tenant full professional presentation. The way the agent operates means we are available 7 days a week and outside the standard office hours to conduct viewings, negotiate with potential tenants, communicate with landlords regarding feedback, offers and so on.

Interviewing Prospective Tenants & Negotiating The Terms Of The Tenancy

The prospective tenant(s) will visit us for an initial interview, to fill out an application form and submit all the relevant documentation for us to begin our credit and referencing checks. At this point we shall also be able to negotiate terms of the tenancy.

Qualify Tenants And Conduct Referencing Checks

We shall obtain all the relevant documentation and information in order to conduct our in-depth referencing checks which include but are not limited to, current landlord referencing, employment reference, character reference etc.

Conduct Full Tenant Credit & Background Checks **

Using the UK’s largest tenant referencing and credit specialist Homelet, we are able to conduct a full credit and background check on the prospective tenants giving you complete protection and peace of mind.

Draw Up & Supply The Assured Shorthold Tenancy Agreement

In line with current legislation, we shall draw up and supply a valid assured shorthold tenancy agreement alongside all other related documentation that are required to be issued.

Provide Tenants With Method Of Payment & Setting Up Standing Order

Organise the payment method and intervals with the tenants, including setting up of any standing orders.

Arranging Meter Readings, Advise Service Companies Of The Transfer Of Contracts To The Tenant

We will take meter readings at the beginning of the tenancy for the utilities offered at the property, we will contact the utility providers and pass this information along with the new occupant(s) information in order to transfer all billing to the tenants.

Handle And Register Of The Damage Deposit In Compliance With Current Legislation

As per current legislation we shall handle and register the damage deposit. All our deposits taken are custodial deposits held by the DPS (deposit protection service).

Arrange And Coordinate Inventory, Check-In & Check Out *

We shall arrange and coordinate with the third-party inventory clerks, the inventory and check-in report which will highlight the properties condition prior to a tenant moving in. At the end of the tenancy, we shall also arrange and coordinate the Check-out report which will be cross referenced with the inventory and check in report carried out at the beginning of the tenancy. These reports shall form a third party non-bias evidence of the conditions of the property should any discrepancies arise.

Collect Rental Payments Through Our State-Of-The-Art Automated Payment System

We use cutting edge technology to further our goal to provide a seamless service to our clients, this is why we use an automated payment banking system called PayProp, this product is an automated payment provider to the property management industry. It is both easier to use and more powerful than existing solutions offered by banks and traditional software vendors. This system has set the standard for speed and accuracy of payments, cost and payment status transparency and complete transactional control.

Supply Periodic Rental Statements & Annual Account Statements

As part of our state-of-the-art payment banking system Payprop, we shall generate periodic rental statements and annual account statements for your convenience, this is the best way to keep everything transparent and easy to manage.

Pursue Non-Payment Of Rent And Provide Advice On Rent Arrears Actions

We shall pursue all non-payment of rent immediately by contacting the tenant via phone call, formal written demand and highlight their legal responsibility. We shall also advise on the entitlement to take legal action to seek possession of your property should any arrears remain outstanding.

Arranging Routine Repairs/Maintenance Obtaining Estimates Where Necessary, Supervising Works *

If any routine repairs or maintenance arise, we shall arrange with our pre-approved specialist to inspect and issue estimates. On approval by the landlord, we shall arrange and coordinate the necessary works to be carried out supervising where necessary.

Organise Annual Gas Safety Inspections And Check C.O. Alarm *

As per regulations we shall organise the annual gas safety inspections and any servicing of all gas appliances and carbon monoxide devices.

Property Inspections

Inspecting the property on a regular basis, not less often than once every six months. Mid-term inspections are very important when renting your property. These inspections are put in please to insure your property is being looked after, no illegal activity is being taken place and insure no breach of tenancy agreement i.e. Subletting, unauthorised use of the premises etc.

Hold Keys Throughout The Tenancy Term

During the tenancy we shall securely hold and manage a set of keys to the property, giving easier access should any emergency arise.

Security Deposit Dilapidation Negotiations

In the unfortunate event there is discrepancies with the property condition at the end of a tenancy and we are unable to agree with the tenants how the deposit should be returned, we shall pass the case onto the DPS dispute resolution team, gather and submit evidence in support of your claim and communicate with the adjudicator until a decision is made.

Ensure Compliance With Changing Regulation

As you may be aware especially in recent years, laws and legislation in the property sector are ever changing on a regular basis. For this reason, we shall keep you informed as soon as any changes or new law or legislation come into place in the property sector ensuring you are in full compliance.

Organise And Issue Any Relevant Notices Requiring Possession

As requested by the landlord, we shall organise, draw up and Issue any relevant notices in line with current guidelines and legislation.

Rent Recovery Cover **

Unfortunately, life can be very unpredictable and from time to time a tenant can fall into unforeseen circumstances, illness etc and will become unavailable to continue with the rental payments. This is why we offer Rent Guarantee cover as part of our management service. These insurance policies are put in place to safeguard you in the event of rental arrears.

Legal Cost **

Legal expense cover is included as part of the rent guarantee cover, If during a Period of cover an Event occurs, the Insurer will provide to the Insured cover for fees not otherwise recoverable for Professional costs incurred in the pursuit of a civil claim relating to that Event.

* Please note these services are carried out by a third-party company at an additional cost to the landlord, Only the arranging and managing these services are included in the property management Service.

** Please note that the Credit & background Check, Rent guarantee and Legal cost cover is offered by a third-party company, Barbon Insurance Group Limited which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority for insurance mediation.

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